Welcome to Swordcraft


When: Friday 11th July to Sunday 13 of July 
Where: Swordcraft's new property (click here)

Winter Quest is almost here! 

The Swordcraft 2014 Winter Quest is creeping closer, so we hope you've cleaned your armor and started preparing for the fun weekend of epic adventure in a real life fantasy setting.
As our second event at our Noojee Property, expect to see improved ammenities (such as roads and water) and a more comprehensive activity schedule.

Whether you enjoy tales around the campfire, missions into the wilderness or epic battles on real terrain, this Quest looks to be one of our best yet!



Swordcraft is a Medieval Live Action Battle Game and LARP where players fight with reinforced, realistic looking foam rubber weapons and padded arrows. Some of us wear armour, but you don't need anything to play.

Think of it as paintball meets medieval/fantasy battle - carnage with a dash of medieval re-enactment, roleplaying and cosplay. We are inspired by everything from history to LOTR, Warhammer, WoW and beyond.

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and meet weekly for battle games and monthly for larger games.

What we do (courtesy of Timothy Kurschner© 2013):

We've recently had a film crew out at SC, check out their new music video:


Melbourne, Australia 3000


Swordcraft - Medieval live action battle game


Sworcraft is a not-for-profit organisation set up to run Swordcraft games

General Information

We meet weekly on a Friday night at the Southern Pavilion of Princes Park, Carlton North (Just North of Cemetary Rd Wests on Royal Parade)

Click here for a map - http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=160076264071380&set=oa.242987345727779&type=1&theater

6:30 -11.00pm. 
* Sign-in and armour up 7 - 7.30pm 
*Training and warband drills 7.00  -8pm
* Game 8-10.00 pm

 We also run regular weekend events. 

Player registration


Facebook Group

Most happenings and events can be found in our facebook group



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us on info@swordcraft.com.au

Legal stuff

Swordcraft Ltd (ACN 161 227 532) is a not for profit company limited by guarantee (a common structure for community and sporting groups) with the sole purpose of developing and promoting the game of Swordcraft as a medieval fantasy community, fest event, battle game and LARP. Swordcraft Ltd uses all revenue generated to support and and grow Swordcraft and does not distribute any profits to members or officers.