Swordcraft is a not-for-profit organisation and we rely on our wonderful volunteers to help run our game, and we are so thankful and appreciative of all their hard work! As our game has grown, so has our need for more helpful and supportive players to volunteer to help our game run smoothly, week-in and week-out. Our volunteers operate at several different levels. 


On Friday nights we require a range of volunteers to cover a variety of roles. These roles are: 

  • Sign-In

  • Marshalling

  • New Player Training

  • Equipment Desk

Our volunteers are passionate about our game and work hard to bring joy to our players. They are organised and have great people skills. 

Our volunteers work on a roster system, so they still get to play our game more often than they volunteer, and they receive fair honorarium's for all of their time and hard work.

If you would like to volunteer for Swordcraft, please email us your expression of interest using the contact form below.

Please list your name, your warband (if applicable), and the area you would like to volunteer in. Tell us why you would like to volunteer with us and what makes you perfect for the role!

Contact us


Swordcraft Ltd (ACN 161 227 532) is a non for profit company limited by guarantee (a common structure for community and sporting groups) with the sole purpose of developing and promoting the game of Swordcraft as a medieval fantasy community, fest event, battle game and LARP. Swordcraft Ltd uses all revenue generated to support and grow Swordcraft and does not distribute any profits to members or officers.


For general Swordcraft LTD related enquiries please email info@swordcraft.com.au

For feedback and complaints please email community@swordcraft.com.au

For specific Swordcraft chapter related enquiries please see our chapter pages for more information on how to contact. 

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