Swordcraft Ltd (ACN 161 227 532) is a non for profit company limited by guarantee (a common structure for community and sporting groups) with the sole purpose of developing and promoting the game of Swordcraft as a medieval fantasy community, fest event, battle game and LARP. Swordcraft Ltd uses all revenue generated to support and grow Swordcraft and does not distribute any profits to members or officers.


Sudenburg- Swordcraft Camp, Loch Valley Road, Noojee VIC

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Our society has a problem with discrimination, whether sexism, homophobia, racism, or other mistreatment of people different to the mainstream. The geek culture and GW have both reflected this. We cannot control what happens outside Swordcraft but we can create a safe space here.


No form of Out of Character (OOC) discrimination will be tolerated at Swordcraft. All players have the right to participate equally in our games and rp – on the field, at our events, and within the community.


In Character (IC) discrimination is NEVER permissible in our games unless the other person CONSCIOUSLY CONSENTS.


In Character (IC) racism or species-ism is permissible as part of role play in the context of the setting where we explore this darker side of human nature. This is because a player WHO chooses to place the race or species has exercised CONSCIOUSLY CONSENT.


Where art, lore, fluff or material used in the wider community, geek culture, or Warhammer Fantasy is sexist, homophobic, gender-ist you must re-interpret it to fit our shared vision for a welcoming and inclusive game.



Further, you must always respect other people’s boundaries in your personal and sexual interactions. ALWAYS.


Whenever you engage with another person you must ensure that the other person is CONSCIOUSLY CONSENTING to any form of personal or sexual interaction.


CONSCIOUSLY CONSENT or CONSCIOUS CONSENTING means: “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in personal or sexual activity. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the affirmative consent of the other or others to engage in the personal or sexual activity.”



Players who breach these basic rules will not be tolerated at Swordcraft. WHAT TO DO IF YOU EXPERIENCE UNWELCOME CONDUCT?


If you feel that another player or official is acting in a discriminatory manner towards you, or is not respecting your personal boundaries:


1. Ask them to stop;


2. If they persist, take steps to protect yourself and then inform our officials, medics, our contact officers Madeleine Colvin, Heather Clark, a member of our Executive Team, or our President Jeff Krins.


We will investigate all incidents of sexist or racist behaviour, and failures to respect personal boundaries that are reported to us. Your personal safety is our priority.

Swordcraft Warband Leader Code of Conduct/ Responsibilities

This code of conduct pertains to anyone on the “Swordcraft Warband Leaders” group on Facebook.

In addition to the Swordcraft Code of Conduct, Responsibilities and values of a Warband Leader include:


· Attending the Friday night pre-game WBL meeting when present

This is the meeting where we discuss any last minute changes to the game, talk about the game types and divide teams. You may choose to delegate this responsibility to another warband member - one member of your warband must be at this meeting.


· Attending the morning community meeting at Quest when present

This is the meeting where we discuss what’s going on for the day, any safety issues, if any vehicles have left their lights on, and other important details that need to be spread to the community. You are expected to send one member from your warband to this meeting or attend yourself.



· Ensuring your players are up-to-date with the rules and safe on field

Your players are your responsibility. As a leader in the community, you are expected to make sure they are ready for the game, up to date on rules, treating others with kindness and engaging in fights in a safe and respectful manner.



· Mediating for your warband

Warband leaders are expected to interface with the community on behalf of their members. This means taking reports and complaints about themselves and their own players seriously and dealing with any complaints made to them.



· Respect & Being a Role Model

As a warband leader, you will show respect to your peers in the community, Swordcraft organisers and volunteers, the general public and your members. By becoming a warband leader you have chosen to be a role model in the community and are expected to display model behaviour that others aspire to. You are also expected to discourage bullying and encourage players to use official channels to make complaints and address issues. You are also expected to discourage online harassment and bullying and maintain a considerate social media presence on all Swordcraft pages.

· Duty of Care for the community and your members

It is your responsibility to ensure that your members stay safe and happy within your warband. This means making welfare checks, guiding and mediating in conflicts, and ensuring that they prioritise their health and wellbeing (for example, recommending they go to a medic if they are hurt, or taking a clear stance on over-intoxication at Quest).

Part of keeping your members safe is also making the Swordcraft Executive aware of any incident that may have an impact on the community or reoccur in the future. A good rule of thumb is if there is an issue that may affect other people in the community, you must report it. This is because if a number of minor incidents are reported it will establish a paper-trail and highlight a pattern of behaviour that will help the executive keep the community safe.



· Operate in a capacity to handle conflict and maintain responsibilities for their players.

When participating at a Swordcraft event, you will not reach a level of intoxication that makes you incapable of performing your duties as a warband leader.

· Rules for the Facebook Page

1. No bullying, discrimination or harassment will be tolerated. Remember that you are peers, give everyone a fair go and support each other.

2. No swearing or foul language.

If these responsibilities are not upheld, the Swordcraft Executive may have grounds to remove you as a Warband Leader