At Sunraysia Swordcraft you can expect more than just weekly battles. We host story-driven and immersive events, where we like to inject a lot of role play into our games. We're not just about fighting. The choices you make in the game often decide the battles you will fight. The choice is up to the players. Will your team decide to fight the bandits, or will you try to reason with them? Will you answer the riddles of a mysterious knight, or will you cut him down where he stands? Our games are set in various locations: castles, dungeons, forests, swamps, ruins, forts, and many more. These settings make each game different and uniquely challenging.
All you need to join us is your imagination!


First Game: Free!
Game Ticket: $8
Weapon & shield hire: $2

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For general enquiries please e-mail the Mildura Swordcraft team on:



Corner of Eleventh Street and San Mateo Avenue

Oval No. 3



Sign in from 1:00pm

New payers should aim to sign in by 1:00pm

Game from 1:30pm - 3:30pm


Swordcraft Ltd (ACN 161 227 532) is a non for profit company limited by guarantee (a common structure for community and sporting groups) with the sole purpose of developing and promoting the game of Swordcraft as a medieval fantasy community, fest event, battle game and LARP. Swordcraft Ltd uses all revenue generated to support and grow Swordcraft and does not distribute any profits to members or officers.


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