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We run some training but mostly focus on fighting battles. These sessions are designed for people to come along and play Swordcraft in a casual environment. Be prepared for a crazy night, with loads of people battling it out, the atmosphere can get very wild!

While Swordcraft uses foam covered solid cored weapons and requires players to hit with a light touch (using “pulled” realistic swings), it is still very much a contact sport so come prepared for a few knocks.


Prior to arriving at a game or event we urge new players to make sure they have a current new player membership card.

When you arrive at the field, head to the sign in building and find the New Player line.

Link to Membership 


You must be 15 years of age or older to participate in Swordcraft.

If you are between the ages of 15-17, and want to play Swordcraft, on your first night you MUST bring a printed copy of the PDF registration form signed and handed in by your legal guardian. You will not be able to play without it!

Swordcraft under 18 player registration form


We have club swords and you don’t need armour to play, so first timers only need to bring the following:

  • Medieval/Fantasy costume if you have one, otherwise a plain large T-shirt “tunic” and plain tracksuit pants

  • Comfortable shoes (the more medieval looking the better, but plain runners are fine for your first game)

  • A belt you can wear on the outside of your clothes (to tuck swords into)

  • If you have contact lenses, wear them instead of glasses

  • A sports box (a good idea)

  • Gloves (a good idea)

  • A fighting spirit and a sense of humour!

Please review the Rules and FAQ before attending, as it will make the night far less confusing!

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