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RULES 2024



Melee Weapon Basics

  • You can only thrust with a sufficiently padded thrust safe dagger, sword, or spear. The longer the weapon the greater the padding required.  

  • You may use Ateliers Nemesis, Calimacil, Epic Armoury, Fakesteel or Wyverncraft melee weapons designed for LARP combat or weapons that are equivalent in design and structure. Swordcraft Ltd reserves the right to prohibit any particular weapon at its complete discretion. It is your responsibility to ensure that your weapons are safe and in good repair.

  • Melee weapon lengths:

    • 2 handed swords, axes, hammers, clubs and maces  120-185cm

    • Polearms 130-215cm 

    • 1 handed spears 130-215cm

    • Pikes (2 handed spears) 215- 300cm

    • Staff 130-215cm

    • Dual wielding - offhand weapon cannot exceed 85cm in length. 

    • All other weapons 125cm max



  • A Polearm means a staff, halberd, poleaxe, glaive, swordstaff or similar cutting/smashing pole weapon. 



  • A Pike (2 handed spear) can only be used to attack if it is held in 2 hands and the hands are kept either side of a raised mark 50cm from the butt.

  • Another weapon (see dual wielding) can be used with a pike when the pike is held upright, one handed  and not used for attacking.  The pike can still be used for blocking.


Normal Missile Weapons

  • Permitted normal missile weapons:

    • Bows (28 lbs@28”) and IDV arrows or equivalent

    • Crossbows (28lbs@16”) and IDV bolts or equivalent

    • Matchlock/wheellock/flintlock style bandguns, band crossbows and band wands

  • Band missiles must be constructed of either blue or green rubber exercise tubing or equivalent. Loops must not have any sharp or hard materials to the touch, and when relaxed must be at least 1/3 the distance between the trigger catch and the front anchor point. The gap between the ties should be no more than 40mm and the joint material must be cord. 

  • Multi-Barrel band weapons must be at least a metre long and must have a steadying stand (pole, tripod or carriage). 

  • Black powder guns and wands are encouraged to use caps to increase immersion and slow rate of fire. Obviously band crossbows are silent.

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