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RULES 2024


  • Epic creatures strike terror into the hearts of even the bravest warriors and kill if they hit you with their melee weapon, tentacles. trunk, claws, jaws, horns or tusks anywhere on your body (including head, hands, feet and groin), shield or equipment.

  • Attacks from an Epic creature cannot be blocked by a weapon or shield. 

  • If you hit an epic creature with a melee weapon or Fireball/Explosive, you do 1 damage to it. It ignores normal missile hits. 

  • War machine single shot Cannon balls/Balls cause 1 damage to an epic creature if they hit it anywhere. 

  • Epic creatures have 18 Wounds (and sometimes more) and do 3 damage to other epic creatures if they hit each other anywhere.

  • Epic creature costumes must be of high quality, clearly show they are an epic creature and be approved by Swordcraft Ltd before use. The actual costume needs to be themed to Warhammer Fantasy, be either fast (such as by using digi-legs) or be tough and tank like, have a minimum height of 2.13m and occupy at least 2m3 (not including any tail, horns, wings or other appendages), with features such as stilts for height and/or large costume elements for bulk.

  • Epic creature costumes MUST include a helmet with face protection for the player inside the costume.

  • Only epic creatures approved by Swordcraft Ltd may be used.


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