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RULES 2024


  • The battlefield in the Old World resounds to the boom of cannons and the crack of other mighty siege weapons as they hurl death.  War machine missiles are marked as such, are much larger than normal missiles. Cannons are encouraged to make a bang.  

  • A moving war machine missile will kill you instantly if it hits you anywhere (including your head, hands, feet and groin) or your weapons, shield or equipment. It also kills a summoned monster instantly.

  • If you touch a war machine you are also killed instantly - this is as much for your own safety and the safety of the people around you as the machine itself - by all means attack  the crew. 

  • The crew of a war machine (other than a steam tank) are also required to take a death if their machine is surrounded and it is no longer safe for them or people around them.  

  • War machine Cannon Balls/Stone Balls do 1 damage to epic creatures and 1 Damage Point to other war machines.

  • Petards/bomb (50cm tall conical or 50cm long rectangular box weighing 2-3kg, ideally with a cap bang effect) do 1 DP to a war machine. Players may place the petard/bomb under the siege weapon and yell “fire in the hole” or initiate the cap mechanism. The petard/bomb is expended and cannot be used until a game reset. 

  • A war machine must be able to safely fire an approved Cannon Ball/Stone Ball at least 20 m  at least 15 m, have a wheeled carriage at least 1200mm long x 600mm wide not including the wheels. It can only move via its wheels (it cannot be carried). 

  • Cannon “balls” must be 100 mm long and a minimum of 65mm wide pool noodle or foam. A tennis ball can be embedded in the end of the foam or pool noodle and the whole projectile should be covered in material or smooth tape.

  • A war machine will have a variable number of DP depending on size, necessary crew numbers and armament e.g. a simple mortar may have 1 DP while a steam tank may have 5 or even more DP.  A war machine may only be damaged by a war machine missile or petard.

  • Other war machines may be usable at events such as Quest (battering rams, foam “stone blocks” etc).  

  • Only war machines approved by Swordcraft Ltd may be used.


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