As things continue to develop with this pandemic and with the likelihood of further shutdowns and need for increased social isolation, the Swordcaft Executive has been consulting with our chapters and warband leader representatives to determine the best course of action.

The Swordcraft Executive and Board have now decided that Swordcraft should go into caretaker mode and suspend all games and and events with immediate effect.

This decision encompasses all national chapters and events for which tickets have gone on sale, and will be reviewed each week, though we expect the suspension of games and events will last months rather than weeks.

For those of you who have bought game passes, we will extend the expiry dates by the duration of the shut down. For those of you who have bought tickets to events that have been canceled as a result of this decision, we will ensure that refunds are provided.

We encourage you to all stay in touch and continue to remain a part of the Swordcraft community. In times like these it is more important than ever that you stay in touch with friends and support each other.

We understand that this decision will be disappointing for many of you. It was not made lightly. However, we believe that it’s in everyone’s best interests to work as a community and do what we can to help stall the spread of this virus.

Stay strong and stay safe!

Jeff Krins
Swordcraft Ltd

On behalf of the Executive and the Board


Swordcraft is a weekly battle game that takes place every Friday evening at Western Oval in Parkville, VIC.

Before playing, participants must ensure they have registered online to play - you may choose to Pay As You Go (paying on-site weekly) or pre-purchase game-passes allowing you to jump a significant portion of the sign-in line.

Once at the oval, players must sign-in, where you receive a wrist-band as proof of registration and payment. 

Players sign-in from 6:30pm-7:30pm. New players must be signed in by 7:00pm.

The battle game itself will take place from 8pm-10pm. The game consists of four quarters, with a short break at half-time. During each half, a game-type will run with certain objectives around different terrain layout variations.

The game is run by a team of marshals - you can spot them in their bright yellow and blue tabards. 

There is always a team of on-call medical response professionals on the side of the field.


At the end of the night, all players must perform an emu-bob across the field where all dropped or fired weapons and ammo are collected and placed into a designated collection area. 

New players will have a group debrief in the centre of he field.



Western Oval in Parkville

Sign in from 6:30pm

On your first night, try to get there by 6-6.30pm to be signed in by 7:00pm, and expect to finish around 10.30pm.


Swordcraft Ltd (ACN 161 227 532) is a non for profit company limited by guarantee (a common structure for community and sporting groups) with the sole purpose of developing and promoting the game of Swordcraft as a medieval fantasy community, fest event, battle game and LARP. Swordcraft Ltd uses all revenue generated to support and grow Swordcraft and does not distribute any profits to members or officers.


Sudenburg- Swordcraft Camp, Loch Valley Road, Noojee VIC

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