Please carefully read everything on this page. By purchasing a Quest ticket, you are agreeing to follow the rules stated here. 


We are aiming for a ‘medieval’ environment and ask all attendees to minimise visible modern equipment.
We’ve listed some do’s and don’t’s to help you plan:



  • Medieval/Canvas tent if you can

  • Wooden, pottery or metal plates or trenchers (stale bread plates)

  • Wooden, pottery or metal drinking vessels

  • Metal cutlery

  • Leather water and wine skins

  • Cloth, wood, metal or pottery food containers

  • Unprocessed foods

  • Salted and smoked meats

  • Cheese wheels (not plastic wrapped slices)

  • Wooden and wood and canvas chairs

  • Properly conceal any rubbish, modern camping gear
    and eskies.



  • NO GLASS policy.

  • This means beer bottles, liquor bottles, large potion bottles, glass decorations, lanterns, mirrors, etc.

  • Small potion bottles permitted. Please do not abuse this.



  • Non-medieval tents. Conceal with cloth, or make an effort to place your tent behind the immersive part of your warband encampent.

  • De-labeled food cans

  • Clear plastic beer steins



  • Plastic plates, cups and cutlery

  • Plastic bottles

  • Paper plates and cups

  • Plastic bags and packaging

  • Junk food in modern packaging

  • Drink cans

  • Modern chairs