Please carefully read everything on this page. By purchasing a Quest ticket, you are agreeing to follow the rules stated here. 


We are aiming for a ‘medieval’ environment and ask all attendees to minimise visible modern equipment.
We’ve listed some do’s and don’t’s to help you plan:



  • Medieval/Canvas tent if you can

  • Wooden, pottery or metal plates or trenchers (stale bread plates)

  • Wooden, pottery or metal drinking vessels

  • Metal cutlery

  • Leather water and wine skins

  • Cloth, wood, metal or pottery food containers

  • Unprocessed foods

  • Salted and smoked meats

  • Cheese wheels (not plastic wrapped slices)

  • Wooden and wood and canvas chairs

  • Properly conceal any rubbish, modern camping gear
    and eskies.



  • NO GLASS policy.

  • This means beer bottles, liquor bottles, large potion bottles, glass decorations, lanterns, mirrors, etc.

  • Small potion bottles permitted. Please do not abuse this.



  • Non-medieval tents. Conceal with cloth, or make an effort to place your tent behind the immersive part of your warband encampent.

  • De-labeled food cans

  • Clear plastic beer steins



  • Plastic plates, cups and cutlery

  • Plastic bottles

  • Paper plates and cups

  • Plastic bags and packaging

  • Junk food in modern packaging

  • Drink cans

  • Modern chairs

Expected Behaviour from Players

Rubbish and Site Clean Up
It is every attendee’s responsibility to keep rubbish to a minimum. Please use the provided bins and skips to dispose of all rubbish. If more bins are required, please contact our Event Manager.  At the end of the event ALL attendees must clean up their campsite. Upon completion your camp site must be inspected by a volunteer or site ranger before you are allowed to leave. Exceptions will, of course, be made for emergencies.

We also ask that attendees refrain from using the toilet paper in the toilet blocks for makeup removal – this includes face paint, war paint, body paint, or makeup removal of any kind. Please do not leave your makeup remover wipes and paper towels in the toilet block or on the sinks outside of the toilets, and do not flush makeup removal wipes and paper towels. Dispose of them properly in a bin. If the bin in the toilet block is full, please take the time to find another bin.


DO NOT leave broken chairs, tents, marquees or other large items in or around the provided skips. If you brought it with you, take it home with you.

As is standard protocol at all campsites: Leave it the way you found it.


Fires and Cooking
Players are welcome to bring their own fire barrels and braziers to cook on but they must have a coal/ash tray. There are a large amount of fire barrels on site that can be used however organisers reserve the right to allocate them as necessary.


Non-period gas burners are also permitted but players are requested to keep them out of view. You must provide your own water buckets, and they must be filled and maintained by the camp.

At the end of the event ALL fire pits must be emptied into the allocated ash pile and returned to the pick up point.