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Most players at Swordcraft are members of a warband – this is your team, band of adventurers, clan, military unit etc and its main ground that you fight with on the battlefield and camp with at Quest.

A Warband has a distinctive theme, consistent look and feel, plus a banner with a device/symbol.

Warband Creation


We want to assist you our players, in having a clear idea on what Blood and Gold is. As a result below is guidance on warband themes and creation.

In naming your warband it is important to avoid suggesting that you represent any nation, state, province, town, or race.  So something like “the 3rd Averland Army sounds like an official unit and would be out.  Something like “Gottfried’s Greatswords” with a backstory stating they are from Averland would be fine.




Some examples of themes:

  • Questing Knight(s) from southern Quenelles and their followers. Leader is a Sir Knight, who is son/daughter of a duke 100+ inline to the throne. Warband name doesn’t include Bretonnia or Quenelles.

  • Deserting Imperial Soldiers from Nuln and Reikland. Leader is going to be someone of captain or lower – a general has issues deserting. Reasonable chance the rank is now ignored to keep the chances of identification to a minimum. Warband name is going to reflect the peoples in it, not the countries of origin.


  • Tribal warband out of the north of the empire. Leader is called anything Karl/Jarl and everything Nordic. The title is probably linked to a combat prowess so it is easily challenged. Warband name doesn’t include an imperial name, rather the tribal name for the land they used to occupy/live in.


  • Smuggler, robber, bandit of no fixed abode. Leader is called boss, maybe captain if there are enough people in the group to crew a ship. Warband name is part of the reputation, given this is probably made in taverns it needs to be something that can be shouted drunkenly but not attract unwanted attention of professions soldiers or discrimination based on origin.


  • Searchers, everything from bands of elusive elves, through religious fanatics to researchers from obscure academics. Leader may have some sort of title connected to the religious order they come from. Name is going to be absolutely obscure, referenced to the religion and either proud of that connection or designed to obfuscate true intentions.


  • Merchant caravan, circus, sports team of no fixed abode. This could hail from any land of the Old World or beyond. Leader may be a minor noble or someone of some wealth. Name is going to relate to what the group is with a reference to what they do. Example East India Trading Co.


In addition, we wanted to give you all an idea on the numbers and representatives of corresponding warbands and groups. This is as a guide to naming and themes only. 


Less than 5


  • Individual Questing Knight or Knight Errant

  • Mage

  • Necromancer

  • Vampire

  • Witchhunter

  • Travelling priest/ess

  • Templar Knight




  • Chalk, squad, minimum sized unit in an organised military (probably deserters), lead by a Sargent, a specialist (artillery) or a lieutenant if it was tasked with something important.

  • Band of mercenaries

  • Band of outlaws

  • Group of Questing Knights or Knights Errant with or without followers

  • Band of refugees

  • A fishing boat or barge, lead by someone that may or may not use the word captain.

  • A religious pilgrimage, a leader or two, a few religious personalities.

  • Treasure hunters, they have an incomplete map and dreams of hot food and real beds.




  • A military unit of specialists; a pair of guns and baggage, archers and support, bodyguard for a significant military personality (there is no way they are still alive/in play). Lead by several Sargent’s, a lieutenant and a few Sargent’s.

  • Band of mercenaries

  • Band of outlaws

  • Questing Knight with large band of followers and pilgrims

  • Band of refugees

  • Exiled minor noble and retainers

  • A fishing ship, ox drawn barge or several small boats, lead by someone called captain.

  • An expedition funded by a insignificant personality. A mage sending out people to find things the mage doesn’t think is worth personally dying for.




  • Several squads, specialised unit, low ranking royalty bodyguard (obviously failed as the royalty isn’t there). Chance there is a captain and their retainers.

  • A score

  • Band of mercenaries

  • Band of outlaws

  • Band of refugees

  • Exiled minor noble, retainers and settlers

  • A small warship, transport, fast raider, these are the sort of ships that are armed and ready for combat, they don’t need to sneak – but they still can.

  • An expedition funded by a not so insignificant personality. These aren’t treasure hunters, they are looking for something specific and have the military force to return safely, or at minimum with information.

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